unprotect.info v.1.2 released

We’ve released a new version 1.2 of unprotect.info password-recovery software. The new version corrects a problem that sometimes caused a crash in some situations.

Download unprotect.info the latest version

2 Responses to “unprotect.info v.1.2 released”

  1. JONATHON KAY says on :

    We are needing to recover the 55 digit password for our SEAGATE BARRACUDA
    3000GB harddrive, that is encrypted with TrueCrypt software.

    The company in Germany that had the password went bankrupt and their servers
    are down and we have so far been unable to get anyone there to access the servers and retrieve the password.

    Will unprotect. v.1.2 recover the 55 digit password?
    We do not have any information about the password as to whether it was letters or numbers, other than its 55 digits in length.

    I would very much appreciate your please getting back to me today by
    phone at 808-756 5540 or by email at magic angels@hotmail.com

    The contents of the encrypted drive contains a film about dolphins , their message to humanity and the importance of their survival and the conservation of the oceans of the Earth and I would appreciate any help and recommendations that you have as to how to recover the 55 digit password!

    Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you soon!


  2. admin says on :

    Jonathon: This software can recover such a password, but it will take a very, very long time, even if you have a very fast computer. You have a much better chance trying to locate the person who created the password and get it from that person directly. Good luck!