unprotect.info v.1.0 released

unprotect.info software version 1.0 released!

This is the first release of the software that allows one to recover a lost of forgotten password to a file-based encrypted volume created with TrueCrypt 6.0 or later.

Note that not all encrypted volumes are supported in this release. For example, the password to the volumes encrypted with the combination encryption algorithms (such as AES-Twofish, etc.), or to the volumes encrypted with the key files, are currently cannot be recovered. Please see the Recover TrueCrypt Encryption Password page for more information.

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17 Responses to “unprotect.info v.1.0 released”

  1. kevin tomera says on :

    is there a version that will work on a usb flash drive where the whole drive is the volume?
    i know have ten passwords that i use but forgot the which and the order i used them

  2. Vito Disanto says on :

    Daer all,

    i need recover the password for volume created with truecrypt rel 4.2a can you help mee ?

    this file is very important for me .

  3. admin says on :

    No, we don’t have such a version at this time, sorry.

  4. Andrew Ross says on :

    Very nice utility.I really liked it and also use it.Well done.

  5. Chargen says on :

    What’s the best performance you’ve gotten sofar and on what kind of hardware?

  6. admin says on :

    On an average computer it can process one or two character combinations per second.

  7. Kipton K. says on :

    If the volume is encrypted with a 25 character password containing a mix of numbers, letters, case, and special characters, what is the estimated maximum time it will take for the average computer to find the password?

  8. admin says on :

    Kipton: it would take forever, literally. You may want to try the program and play with different password recovery settings: when recovering the password, it displays the estimated time to complete. That could give you an idea how strong your password is and how soon it could be recovered.

  9. Gluek says on :

    It is possible to add pattern (or even regexp) support to allow to define known part of password?

    For example, my password is “apple42”. I know first part of password and forget last. So I can enter “apple\n\n” or “apple??” to find my password quickly, not bruteforcing all “???????” (7 letters/numbers).

  10. admin says on :

    @Gluek: It is not currently possible, sorry. However, we will consider adding such an option in the next update, thank you for the suggestion.

  11. Gluek says on :

    Is there any chance to speed up the process? Perhaps a small donation through Paypal for example?

  12. admin says on :

    Looks like we will have some time later this month (April 2012) to implement this. As for donations, they are always appreciated!

  13. Gluek says on :

    Good news! Please provide me your paypal (via email) or add paypal donation button.

    Also I can’t open “Discuss” (“Find us on Facebook”) page, it’s redirecting me to main facebook page.

  14. Nyman says on :

    When running the program hangs after 40000-100000 tries is there a fix available for that?


  15. admin says on :

    Andres: thank you for letting us know about this problem, we will look into it.

  16. Hockey says on :

    If I know my password is 26 characters long, and I know most of the letters and most of the punctuation characters, would it be possible to crack my container?

    I know exactly wich letters that MIGHT are capital letters, and I know I used only 3 punctuation chars, and I have only two or three differenct numbers to choose from.

    How’s my odds?

  17. admin says on :

    Hokey: It’s not currently possible to specify the known parts of the password and let it search for the remaining parts. It can only search for the whole password, trying every possible combination of the characters. With 26 characters, it’s going to take forever (literally). We are looking into adding an option that would let you specify the known parts of the password, and that should reduce the recovery time quite considerably. We will post the updated version here as soon as we have it ready.